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Welness & Fitness



We solve the problem by working outside of the conventional formats:

1.Feeling healthy and happy happens with daily activity.  Our team of experts from, beauty, hair, fitness and wellness are available, at the many BBL EVENTS offered in person and on line, the events help guests discover product, more fitness styles and the support to help stick to it 

2.Studios and the experts gain new clients & financial strength through the BBL supported events, while more clients are moving more and breathing better to be healthy and happy

3.Feeling healthy & happy is supported by feeling good about your skin your hair, your body.  We support the brands we know are great, choose one hero product to promote at the events and on-line.  The products are picked by experts, all to help clients look and feel better, all easy experience to navigate and find what will support a healthy and happy life

4.Retail hospitality and corporate employee education has dropped in this post pandemic time.  Our education experts work closely with our corporation to improve hospitality and selling skills, while introducing in office events of morning classes and swag to improve employee well being.

About Us

Founded in 2019,
to solve the problem of :

Consumers are desperate for experiences and to find a solution to feeling healthy


Wellness experts and wellness studios need help building a repeat clientele and stay in business


Luxury Beauty/Wellness brands need help to: build awareness, distribution, and sharing their story, in unconventional formats


Corporations need education in: hospitality, & driving revenue through happy & fit employees.


Our Team

We are experts in our field (10 to 40 years per team member), passionate and educated in driving hospitality & revenue from the actions we do and how we make our clients feel.  


Our high emotional intelligence, naturally ambition, like minded mission of more lives healthy and happy brought us together as a revenue growth company in luxury beauty, wellness & hospitality,  and succeeding by going outside of the conventional methods.

Kathryn Jourav


Kathryn Jourav

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