What Makes Our CBD Different?

First the Grower!

Our CBD is grown in Northern California by our very own Farmer George. He stands behind the quality and has been cultivating the Hemp plant for over 10 years. George is the first to grow a hybrid version of the plant....... That is why we call our CBD Smart! George starts with good Genetics and preserves the Bioactives by not boiling them out. He is able to remove the THC but not the Bioactives.


Smart CBD


Cold press (CYROTHERAPY) preserves the BIOACTIVES 

Preserves the Purity:  

The Cannabidiols (CBD) are broad spectrum,  natural, free of pesticides, metals and solvents.


Our CBD has one of the highest concentrations of full-spectrum CBD  with a potent formula of more actives; therefore, providing better results


Proud of Our Source

Made in America!

George is passionate about his farming and committed to bringing you the best quality!



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